New OP Desktop 4.4 can be utilized efficiently in small and medium-sized organizations as it is a unique and comprehensive print management software package. It enables different functions such as quota allocation, control, printer usage, and print restriction. So efficiently, the company can administrate all the printing resources centrally such as toners, printers, and papers. This software is designed to organize the print jobs from the desktop that are spooled to the server. The usage of the printer in any network can be monitored effectively. It uses a specific installed software and can control and track any network or local printer. It also supports users, printers, computer, and groups that exist in the workgroup environment and Active Directory.

The new OP Desktop 4.4 has some outstanding features such as a new Web Admin Panel. It has an intuitive web interface to configure different options and investigate information. It has a timeline page so that you can check the reports of hourly and daily printing. OP Assist will help to manage different OP services. It also supports bulk actions, and it proves to be a reliable asset to any non-profit organization and user. The intuitive options can help you manage the printing services overseas.

It has an internal high-performance database engine and has the ability to work with a number of popular databases. It can mix HTTPS and HTTP access and can also enable anonymous access. It can support multiple languages along with an unlimited number of computers, printers, and print servers. It can generate charts and advanced reports. The main components of this software package can be accessed from a separate area so that all the printing activities can be overviewed. You can create multiple users and groups as well.